Painting the top of Fifth Third tower in Cincinnati

You may think we’d like to spend some time on the ground through the summer while our favorite roller coasters are being enjoyed by park guests, but we can’t help ourselves by instead seeking out new heights to climb.  As one of the tallest buildings in downtown Cincinnati OH, The Fifth Third Center stands at 423′ high (just a bit above Top Thrill Dragster, our highest coaster painted to date).  Baynum Painting’s reputation for rigging and accessing these difficult to reach sites and structures doesn’t only apply to amusement park rides – so when the large marquee signs at this bank were in need of an eye catching update, our crew was up for the challenge!  We do love the views from up here (though we can’t wait to get back on top of some awesome coasters during this coming off season as well…stay tuned for some cool announcements)!